Rev. Janet Faragi

Janet Faragi born an only child and raised in Newark New Jersey was taught the distinctive ways of a traditional Italian Roman Catholic family. They have a son, Eric Faragi a patent attorney in New York.  They recently lost their 35 year old daughter Eleasha Faragi-Wiggins to a rare cancer. They have two grand-daughters.

It wasn’t until she was an adult that she received the Lord Jesus Christ and completely turned her heart and life over to God on March16th 1977 in a Charismatic non-denominational prayer meeting.
Both Pastor Janet and Pastor George together accepted Jesus as their Savior that night. They immediately became leaders in that Charismatic prayer meeting and their lives were radically changed forever.
They knew that God had a special call on their lives to serve him in a life of full time ministry.

Janet was educated and graduated from an Art College after high school and is a professional portrait artist today. She is Co- pastor and administrator of Cornerstone Christian Center. After she accepted Jesus as her Savior Janet’s life was vividly and miraculously transformed from a woman heavily involved in the occult, astrology, and reincarnation, things she says “comes right out of the pit of hell” to a woman so on fire for Jesus that the nuns and mother superior would come looking for her to pray for them.

Pastor Janet has been in ministry for over 35 years. She is a graduate of the Evangelical Teacher Training Association in 1984, and she is licensed and ordained through their Covering church Abundant Life Christian Center of Margate Florida in 1995 by Bishop Richard Thomas. Due to her past experiences with the occult she has an uncanny understanding of the bondage and control the enemy can have over one’s life. She has a strong desire to seek out the deeply oppressed and to allow the Holy Spirit to work through her, to deliver and tear down strongholds on one’s life. She is anointed to minister and pray not only to the lost soul but also to the physically ill. Pastor Janet operates under the profound flow of the Holy Spirit to heal the sick. She is a willing vessel for the Lord with an earnest desire to see people saved, set free, and delivered from the bondages of the demonic forces, and bondages of this world.