Who We Are

George and Janet Faragi have been pastors for over 37 years, 12, years in New Jersey as Assistant Pastors and Senior Pastors in Florida for the past 25 years. While in Florida the last 25 years, they have been under the spiritual covering of Senior Pastor, Bishop Richard Thomas of Abundant Life Christian Centre of Margate, Florida. They have a heart for pastors and a deep love and concern for people who are hurting. They have been involved extensively in the ministry of inner healing in the church as well as outside the church, always ministering from personal experience. They also minister in song and preach/teach under anointed power of the Holy Spirit.

Because of their past before becoming Born Again, people find it easy to relate to them. Both of them identify with the pain of loss and the trials of this world. They always see people for who they are not what they have done and who God desires them to be.

Rev. George has a true shepherd’s heart due to his calling as a pastor the past 35 years. His desire is to encourage, strengthen the broken hearted and down cast. Rev. Janet has worked alongside of her husband all these years as Co-pastor and Administrator of their church.

Before she met Jesus as her Lord and Savior, she was involved in the occult, that is why she has a spiritual understanding of the devil’s enticement, controlling ways and bondage. She is anointed to minister and pray not only for the lost soul but her ministry has been to flow under the anointing of the Holy Spirit to heal the sick.

They are available for speaking, singing engagements as well as performing weddings, baby dedications, and funeral services.